Pac Man Classic

Pac Man Classic

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Press the PLAY GAME button you can start a new game. Arrow keys to move P to pause the game Q to quit the game L to lower the Quality Use the M button to turn off the sound.

Game Details

By checking your task pacman eat all the white pills on the screen without getting caught ghosts. Your score will increase and you will receive for every pill you eat occasionally eat the fruits DUğUnUzdAysA bonus points. If you eat large pills found in the corner will turn blue the color of ghosts and things slow down. Ghosts can get extra points by eating them while in this state. You have the right to playing 3 games. When you're finished, all rights ENTER YOUR NAME message appears after you register your score with your name on the scoreboard. After registering, you can return to the main screen by pressing the GO BACK button.

Date Added: 2015-08-14

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